About us

We achieve the most in our own area of expertise –
that’s the reason for Green Software Design

— Jürgen Funke (board member)

About us

Im eigenen Kompetenzkreis bewirken wir am meisten –
Deshalb Green Software Design.

— Jürgen Funke (Vorstandsmitglied)

Green Software Design – Syngenio AG Initiative

Green Software Design is an initiative of SYNGENIO AG. We want to design software sustainably, thereby making a contribution towards climate protection in the areas in which we are specialists. The inclusion of Green Software Design in our portfolio is the logical consequence of our self-image. We are promoting the development of this still young discipline.

Together with our customers, we want to be part of the change and move forward with a spirit of innovation. Since 2021, the development of sustainable software has been gaining momentum. Increasing numbers of people and companies are making their contribution. With the GSD community, we can join forces, because Syngenio stands not least for synergy.
We can achieve more by uniting forces.

For more information do not hesitate to contact our Green Innovation Manager Stephanie Kamp at stephanie.kamp@syngenio.de or +49 151 67875351.


Syngenio AG started implementing a Green Agenda in 2019 and taken measures to reduce CO₂ emissions. Since 2021, Syngenio has been CO₂-neutral (confirmed by TÜV Rheinland).

In addition to the GREEN SOFTWARE DESIGN community, Syngenio is involved in other initiatives. We see ourselves as a link that creates synergies between the different approaches. For example, Syngenio is the first European IT company to join the Green Software Foundation (GSF), a subgroup of the Linux Foundation. GSF aims to create a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tools, and best practices for green software.

In addition, Syngenio is in contact with other initiatives, such as projects of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment on resource-efficient software. We also formulate our findings in scientific form and plan to publish corresponding papers.

Public opinion can be an important driver of environmental change. That is why Syngenio actively spreads the green software idea among the public, with corresponding contributions in various media and at consumer events such as the Green World Tour.

You are welcome to contact us regarding interviews or presentations.

About Syngenio

SYNGENIO AG has been realising innovative IT solutions for banks and other service providers for more than 20 years. Our main focus is on the following areas:

Syngenio Portfolio

With our experience in the area of Green Software Design we are now expanding our integral software consulting to include the aspects of resource efficiency/sustainability in addition to quality, data protection and security. Syngenio already started implementing a Green Agenda in 2019 and has taken measures to reduce CO₂ emissions so that we have achieved the goal of being CO₂-neutral. We offer the optimal framework conditions for Green Software Design and support you as our partner in achieving your sustainability goals in your company.

More information about SYNGENIO AG can be found atsyngenio.com

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